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F*CKBOX - L.C. Special



You want to share a completely new video experience with me? Then try my F*CKBOX.

How does the F*CKBOX work?

In this box, there are every lot of things that can be used real when watching my video. For example, we pull out my string together or drink a delicious drink together. We will definitely spend a hot time together.

What are you waiting for? Experience a completely new way to watch my videos!

Content of the box:

- 1x special video

- Top with the scent of Lara's perfume

- Lara's Energy Drink

- exclusively worn thong

- condom

- Pocket towels

- Kiss of Lara

Important notice: Each clip in the fuckbox is an individual custom made. The intensity of the scent and the amount of traces may vary depending on the cycle and do not constitute a ground of complaint.

The delivery time is 7-14 working days from the date of payment receipt and depends on the current ordering order.

Attention: Please consider the F*box that an age verification on my homepage WWW.LARA-CUMKITTEN.COM is necessary. Otherwise you can't watch the video. When registering, a one-time payment of 10 EUR is due, so please give me your username which you have on my homepage so that I can exclude you from this payment.

Lieferzeit ca. 7 - 21 Werktage
Shipment: DE From 50€ For Free | DE 6,90€ | EU 19,99€ | EUROPA 29,99€ | INTERNATIONAL 47,99€


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